A week in the life of Anna Mewes – Personal Stylist

Personal Stylist and Image Consultant Anna Mewes is on a mission to help women feel amazing in the clothes they wear. She understands better than most what it takes to recapture your style so that you can look and feel fabulous. Anna is committed to helping women feel confident, stylish and sassy. On today’s blog she gives us a taste of her typical week as a stylist which involves juggling work, family, and just life in general. Now sit back, relax, and prepare to be seriously inspired.

No two weeks are ever the same for me, in fact no two days are really – and that is one of the reasons I love my job so much!

I juggle looking after my two young children with running my business, so it’s definitely always busy and I couldn’t do it without the support of my husband and parents, who help with childcare.

I like to be there for the school run and spend two days a week with my youngest which I cherish as they really do grow up so fast! In-between school runs, baby ballet class and football practice I dedicate my time to my amazing personal styling clients and my online membership site, The Style Lounge.

Boosting confidence and self -esteem in women is a real passion of mine and I live and breathe my job.

Here’s what a ‘typical’ week looks like for me…


I always try to start the week with a quick workout (I saw a blog post a while back about ‘never missing a Monday’ and it stuck with me!). My kids get up super-early so I figure I may as well make use of the time! I’ll put a quick 30min YouTube workout video on whilst they eat their breakfast and my husband gets ready for work.

I don’t see clients on Mondays and Fridays as I spend the day with my daughter so after we’ve dropped her big bro at school we head to the park for a play, home for lunch and then I spend a couple of hours in the afternoon catching up on client notes and phone calls whilst she has a nap.


On Tuesday mornings I block out some time to attend my favourite barre class at The Yoga Barre in Ilkley. Having this time each week to exercise really helps me stay physically strong and it gives me mental clarity too. I try not to let any bookings or meetings sneak into this slot, sometimes it’s hard though!

Once I’m home and showered I head to the studio to see a client for a full image makeover. This is a really fun, four hour session where we go through ALL aspects of personal style – colours, style personality, body shape, face shape. We get on Pinterest and put together style inspiration boards and usually finish with a little online shopping too.



All my bookings at the studio today are colour consultations! I LOVE colour consultations, where I analyse a client’s skin tone, hair colour and eye colour and advise them on which colours work best for them and how to combine them. It is such a transformation when you see yourself in colours that complement you beautifully. These sessions are always lots of fun.

After the school run, dinner and bath time I head out for a walk on the moors behind our house (it’s not raining so you have to take the opportunities where you can!), then I log on again for an hour or so when I get back to finish off some work I didn’t get to during the day.


Today I’m headed into Leeds first thing for my slot on Stephanie’s Hirst’s BBC Radio Leeds show. We cover different topics each time I’m on, today we’re talking about capsule wardrobes and how to build confidence with your style. Straight after this I’m headed into town for a personal shopping client.

I always do a ‘pre-shop’ before I meet my client, today I do this in John Lewis at Victoria Gate and put together a rail of clothes for my client to try when she arrives. We meet for coffee to start with and have a quick chat before the shopping begins!

Personal shops are always a bit of a voyage of discovery for my clients, especially if it’s the first time they’ve shopped with me. They’re amazed at the things I pull out for them to try that they would normally have walked straight past. There’s no better feeling than leaving a client knowing she is completely kitted out with a new wardrobe that she feels fabulous in and can’t wait to wear.

I finish off the personal shop when I get home with some styling notes so my client has guidelines on how to wear and accessorize her new wardrobe, I’ll also send links to any items that we possibly didn’t get during our time together.

This evening I’m back at The Yoga Barre for another barre class, I’m a bit of an addict at the moment (plus I’m getting ready for our summer hols in a few weeks, so I need to shake that booty as much as possible!!)


I spend the morning with my daughter today and it’s her weekly ballet class which we both love. After a coffee date at Salts Mill (one of my favourite places) and whizz round the shops its home for lunch and a nap (for her!)

For me Friday afternoons are another opportunity to do some work whilst she sleeps. Today I’m focusing on my membership site, The Style Lounge, scheduling content and editing a masterclass that will be going out to members on Sunday.

This evening is my son’s swimming lesson and once we’re home it’s time to start the weekend. We always have a ‘pizza party’ in the lounge with a film (and a large glass of vino for Mummy), I love ending the week like this, it really marks the start of chill-out/family time for us.

And there goes another week!

Weekends are dedicated to spending time with my husband and children. We love visits to the park (Roberts Park in Shipley is a favourite haunt of ours), walks on Baildon or Ilkley Moor and trips to the cinema in Leeds (we love Everyman’s gorgeous sofas and yummy snacks).

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