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The Great Gatsby restaurant review

In the heart of Sheffield lies The Great Gatsby, a self-proclaimed ‘veritable chameleon of a bar’ specialising in Mexican style street dishes. Tracy Barlow tells all about her experience. Mouth-waterers beware.

The first thing I noticed when walking into The Great Gatsby was the bar, awash with shiny optics and a huge selection of drinks on offer. Being only one of three people in the bar wasn’t a bad thing, plus it was only 4.30pm on a Wednesday afternoon.

8 gg

The décor has a laid back, relaxed and friendly feel with an eclectic mix of music playing in the background.

The ‘Shy Boy’ menu offers a selection of tacos, burritos, quesadillas and sides. After ordering four tacos and a side of katsu curry chips I sat back and enjoyed the relaxed environment while sipping on my Modelo.

While my mouth was watering and my tummy grumbled waiting for my food, I took a closer look at my surroundings. The copper table tops offered a nice unique feel and I couldn’t help but notice my hot sauce options which were available on the table, ideal for the more daring diner.

The food arrived to my table and my eyes immediately lit up; the presentation was excellent and the food was inviting me to dive in.

The tacos I ordered were Venison, Plum, Red Onion Pickle & Plum Hot Sauce; Fried Chicken, Daikon Pickle & Korean Hot Sauce; Lamb, Green Harissa, Tamarind Yoghurt with Toasted Pistachios and finally Habanero Cod Cheeks, Lemon Braised Fennel & Chorizo Aioli.

4 gg

That all sounds like quite a mouthful but the tacos had been delicately put together for the perfect handful of deliciousness.

The cod taco was delicious but with only two very tiny cod cheek pieces, it didn’t deliver on the fish flavour. However, the fennel and aioli gave a fresh crunchy bite that was truly tasty. It was so tasty and full of fennel, it almost felt healthy.

The biggest surprise to me was the venison taco. I expected big punchy flavours from the venison and fresh plums. Unfortunately, the plum hot sauce overpowered all other flavours, I couldn’t have picked out any of the ingredients from a line-up as my mouth was on fire. This may be one for those who love the slap in the face that hot sauce can give you but it wasn’t for me.


The chicken taco had two deliciously crunchy coated pieces of chicken wrapped inside which were perfectly paired with pickle and hot sauce which provided a perfectly balanced bite. The mixed texture of the crunchy chicken against the soft taco was fantastic and definitely one I would order again.

The highlight from my taco selection was the lamb. This taco was jam-packed full of pistachio crusted lamb which packed a punch of flavour and paired really well with the harissa and tamarind yoghurt. This was my number one taco and the one any lamb lover should definitely order.

Now katsu curry is one of my favourites and so being able to order chips with katsu curry sauce on was my idea of heaven. The chips came to the table and were presented with a topping of sliced spring onions, julienne radish and sesame and poppy seeds.  After diving into the chips, I had a memory throwback to late night trips to the chip shop for chips and curry sauce. That shouldn’t be taken as a criticism, they were super tasty and definitely what I’d been hoping for- a bit of nostalgia never hurt anyone. With the crunch of the sesame seeds and little hits of spring onion, it helped cut through the curry sauce. I think this dish would be a ‘go-to’ dish to sit and eat while enjoying some beers with friends.

1 gg

For any vegetarians out there, The Great Gatsby offers vegetarian tacos which include: Roast Broccoli, Sun-Dried Tomato, Salsa Verde & Roasted Almonds; Beetroot Falafel, Courgette Hummus, Carrot, Grilled Artichoke & Tahini and finally Jerk Cauliflower & Mango Salsa.

It also offers a range of house cocktails to enjoy as well as some shooters.

Final verdict

As much as the Great Gatsby delivered on flavour and atmosphere, it isn’t somewhere suitable for a business meeting but definitely a good hang out for socialising with friends.

I would definitely recommend The Great Gatsby as an ideal place for social gatherings; it’s ideally located in the centre of Sheffield and close to most amenities and public transport.

I’d rate the food as Very Good and definitely worth a try if you haven’t eaten there before.

The Great Gatsby
73-75 Division St, Sheffield S1 4GE

imageFor the past 15 years Tracy has worked in organisations across the UK, supporting and developing people to achieve their best. Her roles have covered a broad spectrum of learning and development from on-boarding and induction support through to management development programmes, employee engagement initiatives, coaching and soft skills design and delivery. After many years of working in other organisations, Tracy finally decided to take the plunge and start up her own consultancy (

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